Friday, December 2, 2011

Geo XCH-623 Super Size Nudy Green Circle Contact Lenses

I received my order from Pinky Paradise today! I ordered two pairs and got a third for free along with these adorable contact cases! These are the green ones I ordered (I also have grey and black, which I have to try out. Expect later posts about them!)

Here's the size comparison versus my natural eye color and size.

With both of them in. I decided to go with some gyaru-influenced make-up to pair with these awesome lenses.

A pale pink isn't my usual choice, but I think it works well with the color of the lenses and the style I wanted to achieve.

The color is beautiful. Head on, they don't make my eyes look too big, but when I look up, they definitely make me look much more wide eyed. (A little Michelle Bachmann-ey, lol.)

Finished look. :)

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