Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sugarpill: Burning Heart Palette, Addicted to Pretty Collection

Colors: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum
Don't mind my messy palette, I've had it for a while and used it plenty of times (note some chunks missing, probably from me dropping it a few times, haha). Sugarpill cosmetics has to be one of my favorite brands in terms of bright and vibrant eyeshadows. For $36, you receive 4 highly pigmented shadows in a palette with a perfectly sized mirror for application.

These are the color swatches on my hand applied two different ways. (Note I have very fair skin, ivory if a comparison is needed in terms of foundation.) All four were applied directly to skin without use of any primer. The top row was applied with medium sized flat brush. The bottom row was applied with a sponge brush (the kinds that typically come with eyeshadow you'd buy at places like Wal-Mart, etc.) As you can see, even without primer, all the colors keep their vibrancy, even the yellow.

I've used Colors: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, and Love+ for this particular look.

I started with a clean slate, no primer, no foundation or powder on the eyes. I covered the entire lid along with directly under the eyebrow with Loreal's Wear Infinite Studio Secrets 520 Violets. I used only the white powder, applied with a short rounded brush. Using this temporarily until I can get my hands on Sugarpill's Tako powder.

After, I applied flamepoint with a medium rounded brush directly over the white and used a blending brush where the white and orange form a separating line, buffing it out a bit.

Afterward, I did the same process but with Love+ only over the eyelid, following the natural crease for the most part before blending that as well with the blender brush. Towards the crease, I made the Love+ a little darker for a more dramatic look.

After everything is blended and the colors are as dark or as light as you like them, finish off with your choice of eyeliner. I prefer to use liquid eyeliner (Maybelline Line Stiletto, blackest black.)

And viola! Add some mascara or fake eyelashes to complete the look and you've got an amazingly vibrant look that will last all night!

You can buy all the popular brand items from local stores (Loreal, Maybelline, etc.)
Sugarpill Cosmetics can be found at


  1. Wow!! Very nice make up!!!
    Very dramatic=)))
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  2. Thanks a bunch! I'll definitely come check it out. :)